Ripple Effects


Help Ripple Effects with their nonprofit fundraising.​

A marketing strategy and producing a fundraising video is needed.

About The Cause

Ripple Effects is a community transformation organization providing multi-generational services, community resourcing, and people development opportunities for the Nash and Edgecombe counties.

Ripple Effects, started in 2016, offers resource counseling, life skills workshops, case management, and other services designed to address holistic wellness. It serves as a city portal for individuals seeking accountability, guidance, and resources. Serving over 600 people per month, Ripple Effects provides essential services to its clients and friends through a unique and unrivaled model of care.​

As Ripple Effects closes out 2020, the team is looking to develop the following marketing assets:

  • 2021 marketing strategy that includes detailed activities to increase the awareness of the nonprofit and its services.
  • Fundraising video that details the funding needed for 2021, how the money will be used, and who the organization will help.
  • Social media campaign strategy to build awareness about the organization and develop a community of funders, volunteers, and clients.


Ripple Effects needs to create a fundraising campaign to raise capital for the nonprofit organization’s mission and activities. In addition, to the specific assets required for the fundraising campaign, Ripple Effects is looking for assistance with its overall marketing strategy.

We are seeking a grant in the amount of $10,000 to cover the expenses of these marketing activities. The sponsor of this grant will receive website and social media recognition, name/logo placement on the fundraising video, and a joint press release outlining the sponsor’s support of this marketing initiative.

Marketing Activities