NC Central University


Raise Funds for NC Central's MBA program​


NC Central’s School of Business is looking for creative ways to increase enrollment for its MBA program.

About The Cause

The MBA program at NC Central is looking to enhance its digital marketing. The end goal is to increase the number of students that enroll in one of NC Central’s key post-graduate degree programs.

By the end of this market research project, NC Central will be able to understand the following:

a.) Where do potential students go when they’re ready to make a decision about graduate school?

b.) What do potential students find most compelling about NC Central’s program in comparison to their other viable options?

c. ) Why students chose other programs after they were admitted to NC Central’s program.

This project kicked off early September 2020 and is expected to be completed in November 2020.

Marketing Activities


We are so thankful that TowneBank sponsored this project. With the funds set aside for this project, the team at NC Central is able to move forward with the market research project that has been on hold.

This research will provide them with insights to better target potential students in order to increase enrollment in the coming semesters.

With Covid-19 impacting the majority of our universities, it is critical for our communities to support Historically Black Colleges and Universities such as NC Central. HBCUs such as this were already strapped for funding and the pandemic made it even harder to find funding for projects such as this.

The NC Central team will also work with TowneBank on building a pipeline of students from HBCUs for internships and future employment.