Marketing Grants

Helping Your Business

Creative Allies Cares exists to support the growth and success of underserved organizations in our community. See below for the benefits of marketing for your business and how to apply for a marketing grant.

Applications for our marketing grants will be available starting October 15, 2020. Not everyone will be able to receive a grant. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on what’s happening with Creative Allies Cares.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, there are no fees involved. You will be required to complete an application to be considered.

All of the eligibility requirements will be outline once the applications are available. The intention of our grants are to help business owners that are from historically underserved communities. This includes businesses that are owned by minorities, women, veterans, and disabled persons. We will also look to provide grants to other nonprofit organizations that offer services to these same communities.

We will try to notify all applicants within 60 days of submitting an application whether or not their application was approved. However, the timing of the grant receipt will depend on the funding.

The marketing grants that we provide will be delivered to the vendor offering the services. The services covered may include website creation, video production, video editing, social media marketing, and other activities. Funds will not be distributed directly to the grant recipients, but rather to the vendor providing the services.

The number of grants awarded will depend on the funding available. However, our goal is to support at least 50 organizations with our marketing grants by the end of 2021.

Applications will be available starting October 15th
Creative Allies Cares is a way for me and my team to give back to to other small businesses and nonprofits. We have the opportunity to do what we do best. That includes marketing, facilitating the sharing of insights, ad connecting those who can help with those in need.
Amie Thompson of Creative Allies Cares, grants for struggling small businesses
Amie Thompson
Interim Executive Director